Improving lives through advanced formulations



 The Multi-site Drug Delivery Platform is based on an issued US patent that discloses a method that allows the delivery of the appropriate dose of a specific medication by either of two routes of delivery.  This is accomplished by the use of a single unit (e.g. pill and/or suppository and/or rapid-dissolve pill) that is formulated to be suitable for both oral and mucous membrane (i.e. rectal or other sites) absorption, and which may have unequal scoring to compensate for site dosage differences.  Oral and mucous-membrane formulations can be, for example, formulated in a fatty or oleaginous base such as cocoa butter, and rendered palatable.  The MDDP can be used across drug classes including antipyretics, antitussives, antiemetics, antiallergy, anticonvulsants, analgesics, antimicrobials, and steroids.