Improving lives through advanced formulations



 The Multi-site Drug Delivery Platform technology will benefit populations that have variability in their ability to swallow.  This includes patients who have an oral, respiratory or gastrointestinal issue that causes them to be resistant to taking medications orally, or a neurologic condition that impairs their swallowing, and where there is a risk of choking or aspiration.  Some examples include:


  • 1. Palliative care patients--near the end of life with inability to swallow

  • 2. Mental status changes--causing swallowing aversion, or in those who are mentally compromised

  • 3. GI disorders--severe nausea and vomiting, intractable vomiting, esophageal and GI obstruction (esophageal cancer), and gastroenteritis

  • 4. Respiratory distress—severe pulmonary infections

  • 5. Severe pharyngitis—infections